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Formed by the local community, Friends of East Rosebud is a small organization aiming to protect East Rosebud under the “East Rosebud Wild & Scenic Rivers Act.” What would this do? It would permanently protect East Rosebud from drilling and daming operations and ensure the area’s economic success, which is largely dependent on agriculture and tourism. The East Rosebud Wild & Scenic River’s Act passed unanimously in the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in July of this year. Now, the group is attempting to get the act added to a larger bill for full senate vote this fall. The chances of this being successful would significantly increase if it were to pass the Committee on the House side first, however the chairman of the house hasn’t included the act on the agenda yet. Pressure from Congressman to do so is needed. Two members from Friends of East Rosebud have traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with congressman from different states to argue for the “East Rosebud Wild & Scenic River’s Act.” However, as is common in these situations, strength in numbers is needed. By following the links below to their webpage, you can sign the petition to designate the area as “Wild & Scenic as well as find information on how to contact your local congressman and help argue for the act. They have made it easy by providing a list of the members of the House Committee on Natural Resources as well as drafting a sample letter that you can copy & paste and send out. We ask for you help with this on September 7th. However, continuing through the remainder of the week is only going to help. Friends of East Rosebud:For more about East Rosebud climbing: