HD Operation Baby Rescue - Trailer

Operation Baby Rescue - Trailer

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OPERATION BABY RESCUE is an initiative reaching out to provide Guatemalan children with the help they need. OUR STRATEGY to rescue and nourish sick and dying children back to health by providing much-needed medical attention, nutrition, and other supplies that can save their lives. THE NEEDoftentimes the children are brought directly to the Baby Rescue Center where they are treated for malnutrition, parasites, or other life-threatening illnesses. In some cases, the need is so severe that the child must be rushed to a nearby medical facility for extensive care.While each child’s story and needs are different, most rescues require similar resources to save lives:Rescuing the child: Many of these children live in the remote mountainous regions of Guatemala. Rescuers can travel up to six hours each way over rough and rocky terrain to reach children in need.Treatment at the Baby Rescue Center: The average stay for a child is two weeks.Hospital visit/stay: Some of the children require additional attention that the Baby Rescue Center cannot provide. Housing and care for additional family members: Many families accompany their children to the Baby Rescue Center and need a place to stay while their children are being treated.Food and clothing supplies: These are often sent back with the family once the children are nursed back to health.