HD Farmer Decision Making around Nutrient Loss and Water Quality | Conservation Matters

Farmer Decision Making around Nutrient Loss and Water Quality | Conservation Matters

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Robyn Wilson describes her work studying farmer decision making around nutrient loss and water quality. Recorded at the 2017 72nd SWCS International Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, for our «Conservation Matters» video series. Presentation title: “Reducing phosphorus loading to Lake Erie: Closing the efficacy gap among future adopters”Full presentation: Presenter: Robyn S. Wilson, Associate Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science, The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural ResourcesContact RobynEmail: Twitter: @RiskWilsonPhone: 614-247-6169Related papers:- E. Burnett, R.S. Wilson and A. Heeren. In press. «Farmer adoption of cover crops in the Maumee watershed.» Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.- Smith, D.R., R.S. Wilson, K.W. King, M. Zwonitzer, J. McGrath, R. Daren Harmel, R. Haney, and L. Johnson. In press. “Lake Erie, phosphorus and microcystin: Is it really the farmer’s fault?”. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.- W. Zhang, R.S. Wilson, E. Burnett, E. Irwin, J. Martin. 2016. «What Motivates Farmers to Apply Phosphorus at the „Right“ Time? Survey evidence from the Western Lake Erie Basin.» Journal of Great Lakes Research, 42(6): 1343-1356.- Irwin, E., J. Campbell, R.S. Wilson, A. Faggian, R. Moore and N. Irwin. 2016. “Human adaptations in food, energy and water systems”. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 6(1): 127-139.- Wilson, R.S., D.J. Hardisty, R.S. Epanchin-Niell, M.C. Runge, K.L. Cottingham, D.L. Urban, L.A. Maguire, A. Hastings, P.J. Mumby, and D.P. Peters. 2015. “A typology of time-scale mismatches and behavioral interventions to diagnose and solve conservation problems”. Conservation Biology, 30(1), 42-49.- Wilson, R.S., G. Howard, and E. Burnett. 2014. “Improving nutrient management practices in agriculture: The role of risk-based beliefs in understanding farmers’ attitudes toward taking additional action.” Water Resources Research, 50(8): 6735-6746.