HD "Pioneering Humanity" - Part 4 - Questions & Answers - Jean-François Noubel

"Pioneering Humanity" - Part 4 - Questions & Answers - Jean-François Noubel

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People in the public asked a series of fascinating questions, as follows on the time line:0:00: What about languages that don’t use the verb “to be”?2:10: In the gift economy, don’t people usually give back to you rather than giving back to someone else?5:15: Can we consider an intermediary stage between market economy and gift economy that we could call social entrepreneurship?9:30: Question from a sports coach: “I follow my heart by teaching what I love and do the best, however it keeps me binded to a city, a place where I don’t want to live. If I follow and listen to my heart, how should I deal with this?"15:10: How does friendship play in linking the I and the We? What role of social environment in this transformation?20:00: Do you know good examples of holomidal collective intelligence? 24:40: Auroville began with very innovative ideas about education. Unexperienced people applied them, and later more and more of the pyramidal world came in, with money, taxes, etc. So, what do you think about education?29:10: 2 questions: 1. What sense do you have about our organization in Auroville? Does it contribute to the holomidal collective intelligence? 2. When you work with companies, what agreements do you propose for groups to change in a soft way?35:20: You have yourself evolved towards live (raw) food, but before enough people make such a conscious step, they will end up depleting our current natural resources. What do you think about that?37:15: You’ve spoken about collective intelligence and share about things you do at the personal level. How do you do the two things combined together, the personal and the collective?