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Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden features illuminated, life-size, mixed media sculptures of domesticated animals from the series “Unsustainable Creatures.” The installation draws upon the complicated relationships and dependencies humans have with the world we inhabit, in line with Minet’s continued interest in scientific and ecological issues. It also emphasizes the artist’s investigation of materials, and her aesthetics in successfully transforming found and repurposed plastics into visually compelling artworks. Curated by Ariadni Liokatis, Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden is exhibited in conjunction with Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, a traveling exhibition organized by the Anchorage Museum in Alaska. Works showcased in Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden depict animals rendered in postures conveying toil and struggle. Lit up with colorful LEDs, Minet’s sculptures are created by cutting up found plastics and bolting them together, avoiding any substantial modifications. They thereby function as surrogates for human experience and represent our dependency on petrochemicals and electricity. Plastic storage containers, detergent bottles, dustpans and even old baby toys are exposed and identifiable for the viewer to recognize them as what they are while making anatomic references. Minet’s singular and visually commanding take on consumerism thus highlights the burden that disposable culture places on the natural world, and the need for sustainable resources. The installation will also premiere Minet’s new series focusing on raptors. These birds of prey, long trained for the more exotic sport of falconry, are currently used in commercial bird eradication programs, and are flown through vineyards several times a day, rendering them almost as domesticated as farm animals. The artist explores this dichotomy and implications such as the predator drone, the role of humans as predators, and the falcon and hawk as symbols of strength and renewal. For more info on Eric Minh Swenson visit his website at thuvanarts.com. His art films can be seen at thuvanarts.com/take1Search for Eric Minh Swenson at Huffington Post Arts