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Perfect Temptation

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Mahatma Gandhi said, “To those who have to go without two meals a day, God can only appear as bread.” When we lack desired resources, especially the staples for daily life, hunger leads us to see scarcity purely and simply.Perfect Temptation is a filmic project which focus on visual investigation of the complexity of food scarcity. Based on personal experiences from my travels to Palestine and Cuba, the project aims to inspire a discussion in a world of excess.Perfect Temptation exists as a environmental screening and the film will project on a floor that covered by flour. It attempt to create a immersed space with limited flour bag seats, connecting viewers to the story of starving portrait. #perfecttemptation #foodscarcity #food # scarcitythinking #scartory #aboutlife #aboutsharing #flour #holybread #goldenwheat #wheatplay #limitations #desireandinaccessibilityHD Video | Amsterdam | 2017 | 09'40''