HD We Are K-State in Every County

We Are K-State in Every County

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Making Kansas a better place to live and work has been our goal for over 100 years.It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.K-State Research and Extension serves our rural and urban neighbors by helping you adapt to new technologies, protect our environment, improve nutrition and food safety, and grow the next generation of leaders. We help farmers and ranchers adopt new tools that improve profitability in a rapidly changing marketplace.We provide new solutions to protect and save our state’s natural resources. We strive to make Kansans healthier by offering programs to improve physical activity, nutrition, essential living skills and more. We prepare and inspire leaders to take on challenges with confidence, be responsible, and give back.We bring people together to complement each other’s unique strengths and make communities more vibrant and successful. We are Kansas State University — in every county — working shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations, local leaders and YOU to help our state grow and thrive. We are K-State Research and Extension.