HD Culinary Arts Program - San Diego County Sheriff's Department

Culinary Arts Program - San Diego County Sheriff's Department

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The Las Colinas Detention and Re-entry Facility is serving inmates a second chance through the Culinary Arts Program. Here, food offers an opportunity for a new life and hope of not returning to a life of crime. For six months, participants work a ten-hour shift at the Missing Fork Café and Coffee House inside the jail. They learn about menu planning, purchasing, human resources, food presentation and serving, as well as working as a barista. Inmates in the program learn to prepare food for the facility staff exposing them to high-volume operations and fast-paced environments. The restaurant setting allows them to get accustomed to talking to people as customers. The ten-hour work shift teaches inmates professionalism and responsibility. Classes cover everything from food preparation to cooking, serving, equipment and food sanitation. The program started in August 2014 in collaboration with the Grossmont Adult School. Participants graduate with a Manage First Restaurant Management Certificate from the National Restaurant Association. The restaurant, food service and hospitality industries (hotels, restaurants, convalescent homes, hospitals and school districts) employ people with Manage First certificates because they are work ready from day one. Every person serving time at the Las Colinas Jail will be back in the community at some point. Employment plays a criticial role in creating the skills and relationships needed to become a positive part of our society. We want inmates to gain the confidence in their work skills to transition to a life beyond the bars. We partner with the following groups to help inmates find employment upon release: