HD Health and Hope: Education For All

Health and Hope: Education For All

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Children in Chin State, Myanmar (Burma) face a myriad of challenges in their attempts to secure a basic education at primary and secondary school level. Rugged geography, natural disasters, chronic food insecurity, teaching in non-ethnic languages and challenges in retaining teachers have led to only a 2% pass rate for those taking their Grade 10 exams in some rural villages. In 2009, Health & Hope launched a successful Freedom to Education Project (FEP), so far offering 85 students who carry a vision for the long term benefit of their people, the opportunity to pursue higher education. Dipar is one of these students, who, having successfully graduated from university in India, has returned to Chin State to serve her people.Thanks to Dipar and others like her, Health and Hope is launching a new project in 2018 called: “Education for All”. The project will address key obstacles to learning in rural areas through tackling nutrition, the provision of educational resources, a safe place to study outside of school and high quality supplementary tuition delivered in local languages. Health and Hope is a partnership between Health and Hope UK and Health and Hope Myanmar. Together we bring hope and development to the poorest people in western Myanmar, through primary healthcare, education and food security. Our shared vision is to see lives transformed and communities that are thriving and self-developed.To find out more about our work: