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The PivotPoint

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'The PivotPoint': Documentary Highlights Successes of Innovative Violence Reduction Partnership that yields unprecedented results in two Cincinnati neighborhoods. In 2016, the Cincinnati Police Department launched a new collaborative initiative to reduce violence called Place Based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories (P.I.V.O.T.). This effort concentrated resources from multiple departments and the community to address violence in focused locations. Then, the City’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP), a 90 day effort to improve the quality of life in a targeted area, partnered with PIVOT and the communities of East Westwood and Westwood. The innovative violence reduction partnership yielded unprecedented community results in the city of Cincinnati.The short documentary “The PivotPoint” tells the powerful story of citizens, city services, not for profit organizations, and corportate partners pivoting in a new direction to bring about effective change in the Westwood and East Westwood communities of Cincinnati. The piece shows how decades long division between two factions became erased for the greater good. Innovative thinking in terms of policing and community engagement will show that some problems can't be solved by trying to arrest them away.The Pivot/NEP Initiatives by Cincinnati city departments facilitated the empowering of communities to work in their own best interest and in doing so reduce crime, increase engagement, address food deficits, and create an environment where children can grow, learn and play safely all while building community trust.Central to this amazing story is how one street corner once riddled with crime is positively transformed into a symbol of hope and change. Different religious faiths come together to address problems that plague the community and find common ground in addressing them. This documentary is a fast-paced, emotionally moving piece filled with neighborhood ambassadors, community leaders, and dedicated officers. Produced by 24-time Emmy winning filmmaker, Zo Wesson, “The PivotPoint” is a beacon of hope and direction for the City of Cincinnati and the nation.