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Music: Evan Schaeffer — «Chill Breeze»OverviewVIDEO HOOK-UPS will launch on Monday, January 15th 2018 as a curatorial collective and collaborative platform. Designed for experimental filmmakers, video artists, and their viewers, its purpose will be to share work, resources, calls for submission, and upcoming events. VIDEO HOOK-UPS seeks to motivate and inspire contemporary video work through the dedicated exchange of art and ideas, bringing together the full scope of moving image today through guided tutorials that showcase a variety of techniques, surveys of art and cinema history, and interviews with video-based creatives.VIDEO HOOK-UPS strives to blur the boundaries of analog and digital video. Engaging tools and generating enriching discussion, together we will make sense of today’s moving image, including:social media and videoorganization and search of media assetsprojection mappingmachinimaVJingvideo synthesisAt site launch, a written interview series, annotated collection of filmmaking resources, and a calls for submission directory will all be available. VIDEO HOOK-UPS will not be a volunteer effort; contributors will get paid. We seek support from the arts community, family, and friends to get VIDEO HOOK-UPS off the ground and ensure the coverage of hosting costs and stipend fees. This will help it grow into a resource and community creators and viewers can count on—for information and practical advice, as well as broadcasting upcoming live shows.About Marilyn Roxie, VIDEO HOOK-UPS founderI am an independent filmmaker currently attending England’s Manchester Metropolitan University. As a student, I have curated Video Art Exploring the Margins of Gender and Sexuality for the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco and LUDWIG in Berlin, the fall 2016 San Francisco State University digital video student showcase for Artists’ Television Access, and look-to-the-future-past for isthisit? online.My own work has been displayed in juried exhibitions Chaostrophy: Artworks Inspired by Coil at LUDWIG and the Associated Students’ Art Gallery at San Francisco State University. I have directed music videos for Pictureplane, Natural Snow Buildings, Vukovar, DYR FASER, and Momus. Themes I explore include androgyny, queer subculture, glitch, and the relationship of found image versus creative authorship.Outside of the field of video, my work includes the genderqueer flag I designed in 2010, Vupiano Records, my online experimental music label with 100+ releases to date, and my upcoming book on gay sexuality, Twink Studies, as featured on Dennis Cooper’s blog.