HD Kalach ́s Soundscape for Citizens

Kalach ́s Soundscape for Citizens

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KALACH'S SOUNDSCAPE FOR CITIZENS A project by Jesús PalominoKalach s Soundscape for Citizens ́ is a participatory art project that proposed to bring the soundscape experience into the everyday life of citizens in the factories at the Ural Region.The recording of natural sounds taken from the environmental sites in Kalach were played on Agust 4 th. 2015 at the Ural Motorbikes factory in Irbit. The project proposed to do an eight hours sound recording of the natural site in Kalach. To reach this remote small village, we used Apalayevsk narrow gauge railway. In fact, Kalach is located at the end of the Apalayevsk railway line. The whole experience of travelling to Kalach, the experience of recording nature in the forest, and the performance of the soundscape at the working site in the factory was documented in a video that explain and register the whole journey. Alapayevsk narrow gauge train is the most extended narrow gauge network of the Russian Federation, that in its best times reached an extension of approximately 620 kilometres. Alapayevsk railway has been for years the main means of transportation in this area operating both passenger and freight trains. It should be fair to say that this railway Co. has operated a singular role among the remote villages in the Ural forestry areas, helping to the sustainable social, cultural and economic development at Sverdlosk Oblast. My interest in proposing Alapayevsk trains as part of my project, has to be in fact with this human, industrial and historical transmission.Once again, the train brought from Nature what we appreciated the most, not only as profitable natural resources, but as an aesthetical experience through a compensatory sound performance of symbolic wealthiness. I considered that bringing Kalach ́s soundscape into the Ural Motorbike factory triggered a challenging aesthetical experience of dialogue between industrial human activities and our contemporary sense of nature.As an artist, it is essential for myself to stress that nowadays any social dialogue addressing human economical activity, nature and industry, should be concerned with ideas of Human Ecology and sustainable development.All those human and industrial ingredients made Alapayevsk narrow gauge train quite suitable for my project because, in fact, the History of this Railway Co. seems to be a well balanced combination of respectful attitude towards Nature favouring sustainable human and economical activities already longer than a century.