HD Tim Silverwood on Give a Fork!

Tim Silverwood on Give a Fork!

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Tim Silverwood is an ordinary guy; a keen surfer who found himself at the forefront of a global movement. An environmentalist and plastic pollution spokesperson, Tim is dedicated to spreading awareness of the dangers plastic pose to our marine life, wild life, as well as to our own health. Tim is on board our Give a Fork! campaign this year as an ambassador:“I love the Give a Fork! campaign because it gives everyday people the opportunity to learn about key environmental issues with their friends and peers in a fun, relaxed and tasty setting. With so many environmental issues on the public agenda it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed or to miss key information. I’m excited that this year, Sustainable Table are bringing the issue of waste to dining tables around Australia. It’s an issue I’ve been working on for a long time and one that needs our urgent attention. Our planet is suffering the effects of a waste crisis. We’re running out of landfill space, polluting our oceans and skies, devastating the biosphere, wasting precious resources and rapidly decreasing the life expectancy of our species. If we’re serious about sustainability, it starts with drastically reducing waste.”Give a Fork! is an annual campaign, held in October each year, aimed at bringing about positive change through the food we eat. Give a Fork! is your chance to do something great for the environment, Aussie farmers and farm animals. Every year, the theme changes. Last year the focus was on sustainable seafood. This year it’s food and packaging waste.Put on a waste-free meal for your mates during October and show the people in your world that reducing waste in our homes is easy to do. Ask your mates to purchase tickets to your event which in turn serves as a tax-deductible donation to Sustainable Table's Awareness and Education Program.See more at.