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An unconventional narrative inspired by a painting, with no dialogue: driven by music and sound. An artist paints the four seasons as her alter ego travels thru a realm of inspiration. Once the artist has realized the final season, the alter ego arrives at the completed painting. What happens next is a reflection of humanity's relationship to nature and the never-ending power of creativity.STORY LINEWe have arrived at a point in time where human evolution has brought about a more full understanding of nature, and the ability to see the whole of the natural world, and our planet, as interrelated. But even as the agents of life’s most advanced accomplishment, we pursue a destructive path and threaten the very resources we need to survive. Will nature take a step backwards and overcome us? Or is there more that we have yet to see that will increase our chances of survival, and to thrive?All Seasons Become One explores these questions through the vision of artist Diana Wong. We observe the artist’s movements as she paints the four seasons. In the theater of the natural world, a vast wilderness, her alter ego roams the dunes of inspiration. She has doubts that humans really do see enough of the total world to make its gloomy predictions – global warming, the end of the world. It seems to the artist in the studio an incomplete view, a conceit to assume that humans can overcome nature. In the desert her wandering spirit shows her we have a long way to go before we can see the whole, let alone make predictions about it.As her alter ego arrives at the completed painting, a labyrinth of cycling seasons reveals itself, she finds something more underneath it all, driving her to dance with it. Creativity, the regenerative force of life links all things, outside of time and beyond our full comprehension. Through creativity we have the power to see this source for ourselves, and the way All Seasons Become One.CREDITSDirected and Adapted byShannon Michael TerryOriginal Concept byDiana Shui-Iu WongProducersMike FrezeShannon Michael TerryDemitra TsioulosDirector of PhotographyJohn HafnerEditorMike FrezeFine Cut EditorWendy ShueyMusic byShannon Michael TerryCostume DesignerJudy LueAssociate producersSigne BrusYorgos Lorandos1st Assistant CameraJohn HenryKey GripEdward SarkisovProduction AssistantAndy PodareluSecond Unit Camera OperatorMorgan SchmidtStill PhotographyVirginia ConesaGabriel ChingBernard WolfPropsKenzi ShiokavaAccounting ManagerStacey WilsonPrint Graphic DesignPrism Creative Molly FrezeAdditional Visual EffectsTom AllainColoristDavid AubreyLightningwood Pictures, Santa FeDaVinci ResolveTitling and Visual EffectsDeva StudiosMusic mixed & mastered with additional production assistance byKeith JonesCerro Gordo StudioAdditional recording byAndrew BushGrandmas WarehouseMusiciansJon Ossman; dilruba, bass, Guitar FXDavid Ralicke: melodicaCameron Stone: CelloDomonic Dean Breaux: SaxophoneShannon Michael Terry: Array MbiraDj Drez: TurntablesSpecial ThanksJohn BerlinRobert SeitzFritz HeedeLinda HuynhKaren StewardKathy ChingGreg BernsteinWalter SpencerThis film was made possible by a grant from LA ArtcoreFilmed on location in Santa Monica, CA. and Mojave Desert