HD EXTRACTS - English - Share the Seed: Staging Research

EXTRACTS - English - Share the Seed: Staging Research

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short documentary, 42 minutes (available in ENG/FR/SWAHILI), 2016SHORT SYNOPSISIn a village bordering Lake Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women and men from a local farmer association perform short, improvised skits co-created with a small team of outsiders.The short documentary addresses food security in rural areas, specifically looking into the spread of new technologies – in this case, new seed varieties and agricultural techniques. Using forum theatre techniques, interviews, and improvised skits the film delves into how cultural norms and social relationships affect access to these precious resources.CREDITSAnna-Karina Caudevilla Forum theatre facilitatorMarielle Bahizire Ciza Interpreter and theatre assistantAnna van Diepen Theatre consultantJennifer Kendzior Director, cameraBenjamin Leiba EditorDidier Munguakonkwa Mirindi Interpreter, theatre assistant, sound assistant Maarten Voors ProducerWith the participation of the members of the Association pour le Développement de l’Elevage et de l’Agriculture (ADEA):Espérance CIZAXavérina Mwa KAZENGAAnnuarite Mwa PIERREXavérina Mwa KAMACIRAFrançoise Mwa NSHOMBONoella Mwa KASHINGAAnnonciata Mwa KATUNGURUFrançoise Mwa MUSHENGEZIAlphonsine Mwa NYALUGALAMaria Mwa MUHIZIBunani BWINOCidorho KARHABANDWAMurhula BAHAYAPascal BUJENIAlain KASIKAJean-Paul AMISIWe wish to thank Alphonse BISUSA, president of ADEA.We extend our sincere thanksDFID-ESRC & Growth Research Programme (DEGRP)andN2Africa: Putting Nitrogen Fixation to Work for Smallholder Farmers in Africa for their financial support of this project.*N2Africa is financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, through a grant given to Wageningen University (www.N2Africa.org)MusicDavid Szesztay: Look of a Lover, FishingKora Rain in Africa Meditation MusicPaintingsJennifer Kendzior