HD Relax with Your Own Zen Garden Creation

Relax with Your Own Zen Garden Creation

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{www.westcoastgardens.ca}Add a calm spot on the patio, perfect for relaxing near with a book and a cold lemonade. This zen garden planter is easy to make and offers a fresh focal point for your outdoor space.Choose plants that can create a miniature landscape in the low, wide pot. Taller «tree-like» plants (such as the Maiden's Hair Fern Jason uses) can gracefully grow above the shorter plants that offer ground cover and colour. All the plants need to work together to create an arrangement that can sit in shade, or partial shade, on the patio — so make sure to check each plant's likes and dislikes before adding Jason puts together this zen garden planter using the following ingredients:Maiden's Hair FernVariegated DracenaPileaAluminum PlantSelaginellaHypoestesWandering TradescantiaGlauca «Baby Tears»The best part is at the end, when you get to add some interesting accents to your garden! Eye catching, natural stones or other elements can create the character of your planter. Include a Buddha statue for an Asian flavour, or collect elements on a nature walk.-----Need more relaxing garden ideas? Take a look at our Magical Succulent Lantern design on the blog: Or watch our DIY video on creating a Beach West Coast Driftwood Planter: Don't forget to follow us on Vimeo for DIY videos, inspiration and eye-candy for gardeners!