HD "MARTA W DŻIUNGLI" - Polski Zwiastun (03:34)

"MARTA W DŻIUNGLI" - Polski Zwiastun (03:34)

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Marta is a woman with a special gift — she loves insects and has a built-in radar that helps her find them. When she enters a tropical rainforest she can't walk 100 meters without finding fabulous mantids, termits, butterflies… She is a scientist, specifically an entomologist and she has been in Taman Negara National Park three times already for research purposes (she has found, scientifically named and described a new species of moth). On this occasion, during this fascinating filming journey she turned into a special guide through the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth, Taman Negara National Park, in Peninsular Malaysia. That's how «Marta in the jungle» ended up with two films (each 22 mins long): 1) Marta in the jungle — Wilderness for everybody2) Marta in the jungle — On the elephant trackHere we present a 3 min trailer of them. Enjoy and leave a comment!Paolo&Marta production, 2015.Main character: Marta SkowronDirected and filmed by: Paolo VolponiProduced by: Paolo&Marta, 2015Film realized with the help of:Asian Biodiversity Center,Pahang Technology Resources,Tourism Malaysia Frankfurt.Acknowledgement:Mr. EL Law,Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation CentreTaman Negara National Park,Dept. of Wildlife and National Parks of Malaysia,Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia.