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Pathways to Coexistence

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PATHWAYS TO COEXISTENCE is a story is set in the Eastern Okavango Panhandle, where 15,000 people share space and resourceswith 15,000 elephants. The 19-minute feature includes voices and experiences of people who live every day with elephants and know first-hand the challenges of competing for space, food, and land with the world’s largest population of free-roaming elephants.The film was produced voluntarily by one film-maker, who worked out of a research tent in the Okavango Delta Panhandle. The involvement of the community and the staff of the 'Ecoexist Project' were all engaged in making this film from beginning to end.The film will screen at the 2016 WCFF and biodiversity conference this October in New York. Come celebrate the six year of this unique film festival and conference. For more information: