AFN 8120 videos

The world is violated everyday. We are losing on the greenery, accumulating plastics on the ocean beds, melting all the ice shields everyday. True, with the use of fossil fuels & oils, our transport gets faster and easier. We cut trees to get wood & paper. We use different natural resources for our everyday use. Plastic usage has become our habit & we cannot think of the natural usual everyday life without it. In the process, we are killing our very own Mother Earth. We are doing it just to make our lives easier.Praan, our protagonist, was desperately looking for a job. It was getting impossible for him to survive without an earning. He gets the job of felling trees finally. Trees felled helps in broadening roads, increase dwelling areas, in concise, helps mankind to live a little more comfortably. But, Praan finally understands that in the process of killing trees, he is aiding in the deaths of his own wife, child and every other living being.Killing of Mother Nature doesn't help in leading our lives forward. It only digresses us from the development. Death of Nature affirms death of Life. Each and everyone of us are in this exact turmoil; just like Praan