HD Odùduwà Meets Métis

Odùduwà Meets Métis

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“Odùduwà Meets Métis” is a performance by Jelili Atiku, which was enacted at Live International Performance Biennial in Vancouver BC, Canada on Sunday September 22 2013. It is Jelili’s “Critical dialogue within: Forced-immigration is hysterical; trauma, lost of cultural codes and values, history and memories, disconnection and discontents, asylum and refugee; and severe deaths come with it. Explorer-immigration is exploitative; war and violence, force and abuse, colonialism and imperialism, destruction of cultural values and system, domination and subjugation of the native, looting of natural and human resources come wit it. Yet what will happen when Odùduwà Meets Métis? Odùduwà migrated to Ile Ife and met the native, yet Odùduwà was said to be the father of the native. Yes o, Métis was mixed blood of First Nations people and European settlers but when Odùduwà Meets Métis, there will be dialogue of questions and questions”.