HD Plastic Culture - Vertical Farm concept 03, in collaboration with Vincent Van Dijck

Plastic Culture - Vertical Farm concept 03, in collaboration with Vincent Van Dijck

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Using the system of Vertical farming for harvesting plants like Taraxacum, Scorzonera and mushrooms genus Lactarius, we can get every plant cycle’s 8000 Kg/Ha of food, 1500 Kg/Ha of bioplastic and 90% of more space.​The vertical farming will revolutionize the agricultural world, and therefore we will have the possibility to create autonomous and independent machines, remotely controlled by artificial intelligence. In addition to following the various stages of plant growth, the latter will reduce both energy, water consumption, and human labor​.All this will drastically reduce the cost of the products that will be sold to the private's companies and guarantee an economic income to the investors and to for the maintenance and construction of the buildings.The structure will have to be financed by the participation of the citizens and the local government, in this way, the citizens-prosumers, producers, and consumers, will avoid to nourishing the capital/logistic system which in itself is around 84% of the cost of every vegetable produced.​We can have the high possibility of regaining an ethical and political role that has been subtracted from the neoliberal hegemony that caused privatization of social structures and the inability of seeing and dreaming of a different future. However, I believe we are facing a crucial industrial revolution, and we have the possibility, to take advantage of the many technological innovations created by capitalist competition. If we're using technology differently, no longer for the exploitation of human and natural resources, we can establish a society based on freedom instead of oppression.