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Embedded within a large Amsterdam City Park, a team of people held space for vulnerability, love and sexuality at LOVE SPACE — a communitarian Temple of Love, where the dialogue around deep and intimate topics is perpetually supported while an inter-subjective body of knowledge is being generated and resources for life are actively exchanged. — — — — — —More information:In an era where governments and news are no longer trustworthy, where many economic models are arriving at their ugly end, LOVE SPACE proposes that a nonviolent culture will depend on whether we succeed in ending the war between the genders and the war in sex, so we can free love from jealousy and free sexuality from fear — restoring most of our primary power. Fifty years after the famed 'Summer of Love' we find ourselves in a time where the rulership of our very own private lives is jeapordized by surveillance social media, where growing your own food and owning your own seeds is threatened (and persecuted) by commercial argo-ecocide companies… In 2017 the very basis of our livelihood is actively hijacked and colonized.The time is now to develop new models. It is time to open up to a path that takes the holistic human-being into account, so that political, social, sexual, economic, artistic and spiritual realities can converge into systems that take care of our essential being. On this premise LOVE SPACE enters as a conscious community–building device; an interpersonal agreement–machine capable of breaking taboo and re-weaving social/sexual narratives; generating closeness, empowerment, trust and most of all RESPECT for one another. Based mainly on a public call for participation, the public project serves as an infrastructure dedicated to physical love, curiosity and the intimate explorations of (the hearts of) people. It is a contained space where (private) sexual experiences can be made without the need to tap into narratives of relationship and dating — which are often informed by our cultural coding based on scarcity, competition and warfare. LOVE SPACE is an ongoing place of pilgrimage where collectively we work on freeing (sexual) intimacy from fear, conditioning and hidden contracts — it is a place that pioneers vulnerable inter-relating, the sharing of personal-process and the building of a heart-centered way of living that involves the responsibility of each member. —————————————————————————————PLEASE CONSIDER HOSTING LOVE SPACE AT YOUR VENUE!PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO THE PROJECT -> —————————————————————————————Love Space (one) is a part of Cure Park (2017), an outdoor Arts Manifestation in the Amsterdamse Bos, curated by TAAK. Love Space is inspired by the research of Tamera Healing Biotope 1. Love Space (one) is made possible by the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund, CBK Rotterdam (O&O), Fonds Kwadraat and Voordekunst.nlFilm by: Julia Sokolnicka Project by: Jasper Griepink More info: + [FB] Ⓒ 2017 -18