HD The Fearless (Music Video) [USC Cut]

The Fearless (Music Video) [USC Cut]

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In 1895, Taiwan was ceded to Japan.19 years later, in order to acquire the benefits from natural resources,Japanese colonial government declared war against Truku, an indigenous Taiwanese tribe.After the war, Japanese authority forced Truku moved to lowland and reformed them through Japanization.In 1945, Japan was defeated in WWII and The Republic of China government took over Taiwan,aboriginal people were forced to be decontextualized again due to the Hanization policy.Not until 2004 did the government finally recognize Truku to be the 12th aboriginal tribe in Taiwan.However, the ingrained suppression on indigenous tribe can still be seen today…-Lryicst: Verity ChenComposer: Verity ChenRecordist: Chih-Mo LinDirector: Lu-Fu ChenProducer: Hsuan-Fei Wu, Yu-Fen WangCinematographer: Yu-Heng KeColorist: Lu-Fu ChenEditor: Lu-Fu ChenStarring:Chia-Ching Liao (Truku Boy)Lu-Fu Chen (Japanese Police Officer)Yu-Hsuan Chang (Truku Young Lady)