HD Stepping Into Mindful Eating - Preview of Part 1

Stepping Into Mindful Eating - Preview of Part 1

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We're delighted to announce “Stepping Into Mindful Eating”, a three-part training and related collaboration that will prepare you to present your mindful eating concepts to the world!This is a clip from Part 1, Embodying Nonjudgment with Megrette FletcherLearn more | Become a TCME Member | Join us for this unique training opportunityThis training and collaboration is a unique TCME member program to prepare for Mindful Eating Day 2019. The aim of this training is for you to take the information and resources shared via these three webinars and from TCME’s resource library, and then create social media posts and mindful eating practices to be delivered on one of the days of January 2019. Collectively, we will create a supportive space to share with a wider community the benefits of having a mindful eating practice and how it can provide a peaceful and healing relationship with food, eating, and our bodies.