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Help brain injured child

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My name is Lyazzat and I am a happy mother of three lovely children living in Kazakhstan. Right after his birth, my second son Abdulatif almost died due to some mishaps in the hospital. Thanks to God, who listened to my prayers he recovered from coma, but ended up with cerebral palsy which left him in a deep spasm without motor functions. He had great difficulty in carrying out even his vital functions, such as breathing or swallowing.Finally, I was lucky to find out about the «Anat Baniel Method» created by Anat Baniel, one of the students of Moshé Feldenkrais. Through her 30 years of experience, she developed her own method of «neuroplasticity» to help people suffering from brain injuries. Unlike traditional therapies, this method incorporates slow and subtle movements and/or touches to wake up the brain to establish new synapses, change, grow and undertake new functions.Unfortunately, there is no practitioner in Kazakhstan who could treat Abdulatif on a regular basis to advance his development and growth. And with our limited resources we could not afford more trips to Russia for the very expensive lessons. Therefore, I decided to take the «Anat Baniel Method» training myself, so that I could be of more help not only to my son, but also to many other children and adults with brain injuries/problems.I already founded a charity to raise money, first to sponsor my training, and later to open up a rehabilitation center where I would practice this method. Due to the economical situation in my country, it had been impossible to acquire any funds though. Thanks to the support of our friends and relatives, I could start the training, and am already half way through. But without additional resources, I will not be able to finish it. I need to fly at least 7 times in about 1 years from Kazakhstan to attend the training, and will need (1) a rental car to go to the training, (2) food and (3) lodging for about 13 each time. Abdulatif needs a continuation of rehabilitation with ABM practitioners in the center in San-Rafael until I become ABM practitioner myself. He and my over kids will need care while I will attend training. Unfortunately I cannot afford all these all by myself. My husband maintains all of us and his old parents working two jobs. I cannot find a job yet, because I cannot guarantee that I will go to work every day, if my kids are sick, I compel stay home. My children need me…Hence, I would like to ask you PLEASE to help me finish my training and become the first practitioner of «Anat Baniel Method» in Kazakhstan.