HD Golden grounds teaser

Golden grounds teaser

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The international release of the Earth Day Song «Golden Grounds» is coming your way on April 22, 2016! Through a strong global community, we can all play a part in the collective process of change.Golden Grounds- the earth under our feet, a living ecosystem which produces our food, a clean supply of water, acts against climate change. Our communal life-support system, is under immense pressure worldwide. Envision a world where resources are fairly distributed. Everyone has a chance to lead a healthy and happy life. No one suffers from hunger and famine, or is forced to leave their home. This vision implies responsible governance of land so that all people can have access to land and the means to make a living.Global social justice.We can turn the tides. Inform yourself.Connect with others.Words/Music and Vocals: Katie LaVoixRecording/Production: Markus 'Onkel' LingnerFilm: Inken MischkeAnimation: Ulli Keil