HD MK2016 Myanmar environment panel 29.5.2016

MK2016 Myanmar environment panel 29.5.2016

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Panel discussion: THE FUTURE OF MYANMAR'S ENVIRONMENT – AT WHOSE CONTROL?at the World Village Festival in Helsinki, Finland on 29 May 2016Myanmar is diverse country with abundant natural resources. After its opening to outside world, competition over natural wealth has increased. Can environmental protection keep in pace with it? The Finnish Environmental Institute has, with Finnish government’s funding and in cooperation with UNDP, made a needs assessment for the improvement of environmental governance in Myanmar.In the panel discussion, the director of Myanmar-based NGO EcoDev Mr. Win Myo Thu, as well as Finnish researchers, journalists and NGO people discussed what are the key challenges for the future of Myanmar’s environment, and how local communities and civil society actors can be better involved in the decision-making. Finnish panel discussants were researcher Kirsi Mäkinen from the Finnish Environment Institute, visiting professor of journalism Rauli Virtanen from Tampere University, Dr.Tech. Aura Salmivaara from Aalto University’s Water and Development Research Group, and Mekong working group member Juhani Klemetti from Siemenpuu Foundation. Panel was moderated by YLE foreign news reporter Sari Taussi. Panel discussion was held partly in Finnish, but mostly in English.NOTE: During the video conversion and size packing, the image quality was reduced and unfortunately the voice timing was changed. Apologies!Background material and more information on the event: