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Your BreathAluminum pipe, motor, digital timers, clear filamentDimensions vary2010Murray Manufacturing Company occupied the 2.2 million square foot industrial complex that stamped automobile parts for Ford, Mercury, Packard, Plymouth, Chrysler, International-Harvester Hudson Jet, and Aero Willys, until the early 1950's when it ceased production. On the condemned top floor of the mostly vacant facility now known as the Russell Industrial Center the installation of a site-specific kinetic sculpture stands. The installation titled Your Breath, consists of one extruded metal pipe, 7ft in length, and a small and hidden fabricated mechanism that controls the pipe’s action. After climbing 8 flights of stairs and entering the floor through the door with broken chains, around three corners and another hundred yards of walking the aluminum pole activates falling from its upright position crashing to the cement floor. The pipe lifts itself back to the vertical position dropping again and again filling the space with a ringing echo.