HD 研石造物 Lo Studio della Pietra

研石造物 Lo Studio della Pietra

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【研石造物—大理石設計與製造國際工作營】即日起開始報名!今年八月《研石造物—大理石設計與製造國際工作營》邀請來自義大利卡拉拉的大理石設計師Moreno Ratti,與在台灣創作的你一起進入花蓮。六天的時間,從講座分享到走訪花蓮大理石製造廠,深入了解大理石設計與製造流程,並與Moreno Ratti和花蓮石材廠師傅一同設計大理石作品。This summer, let’s gather in Hualien, where marbles had been mined and transported for over 50 years. You will work with marble master and visit factories to learn every detail on designing and manufacturing marble products. By exchanging opinions with Italian marble designer Moreno Ratti, together, we will develop and enlarge the imagination of marble design.【工作營日期】08.18(四) – 08/23(二)【報名時間】即日起至7/25(ㄧ)10:00【官方網站】http://www.lostudiodellapietra.com/