HD Zoetrope Optika by August Bradley

Zoetrope Optika by August Bradley

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Shot with ZEISS Otus 1.4/55«We had early access to the new and innovative Zeiss Otus lens and wanted to work with it on a short concept film. This is the first short film shot on the new lens (it was shot shortly before the lens was released).The ideas in this film are based on my experience at Zeiss Cine Lens Day, where invited cinematographers from around the world toured the Zeiss lens manufacturing facility in Jena, Germany. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of lenses (a process that is both highly mechanized and also involves a significant hands-on human touch), Zeiss makes planetarium projectors and watching the stars in the Zeiss Power Dome had an impact on this short piece as well.When I approached artist David Lovejoy about building a scene with his elaborate fantasy lens machines and planetary sculptures for a Zeiss-inspired project, he was excited and explained the coincidence that it was the Zeiss planetarium projector at Griffith Observatory that inspired him in the first place to create these pieces of sculpture.This project was created by team of people with a lot of talent and passion — they are credited at the end of the piece. Our entire creative team was exceptional, it was a privilege to work with all of them.»-August BradleyTerms and Conditions of UseBy down-loading the video (hereinafter called “the File“) you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions of Use:Copyright to the FileAll the Files are protected by copyright and related rights. The use of the File is only permitted if:1. the File remain unaltered, and2. the File are only used to promote Carl Zeiss products and the File which are used may only be installed on or copied onto network computers or third party web-sites and distributed in other media if Carl Zeiss has provided its prior written approval, and3. the copyright symbol and these Terms and Conditions of Use appear on all copies.Use of the File is expressly prohibited outside the scope of this permission. Breaches will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. The individual items of this web-site are also protected under copyright and trade mark law; they may neither be used outside the constraints defined in points 1 to 3 above, nor may they be copied in whole or in part or imitated.If you have any questions, please contact us: