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MCFA Overview | Cut To Create Video Production | Houston Texas

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Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklifts of America wanted to put together a piece that showed off the capabilities and personality of the company, so that potential customers and employees might have a better understanding of what they're about and what they have to offer. So, we visited the MCFA facility here in Houston and interviewed employees from different areas of the company to try to capture the feel of the organization.Go behind the scenes of this video at: Cut to Create is a video production company dedicated to developing high-quality media content that is emotionally engaging and visually evocative. Based out of Houston, TX, Cut to Create’s team of collaborators prioritizes the craft of storytelling above all else to communicate your message in an effective, targeted, and measurable way.At Cut to Create, we believe that story reigns supreme. That a photo may be worth a thousand words, but video can light a fire and spawn a movement. That engaging stories are not hard to find, but you have to have the right mix of curiosity and empathy to find them. We want to collaborate with you. Tell us your story, and together let’s find new ways of communicating your message to make a real impact.Cut To Create is a full-service media resource for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We handle all your video production needs — including animated videos that explain your software, corporate documentaries to communicate your company culture, Kickstarter or fundraising videos, commercials, feature length documentaries, and everything in between. At Cut To Create, we align high-quality video content that resonates globally with a personal, yet professional approach, differentiating our services from standard media companies. Throughout every step of the process, Cut to Create's team of experienced professionals work in collaboration with you, with our goal to give your brand an end product that exceeds your expectations.