Manufacturing 8514 videos

Prodrone is a new Japanese drone company that is a collabaration between System 5 and KNS. KNS have been heavily involved with DJI helping them design their quadcopters. Prodrome is offering a very high end quadcopter range that is fully customisable with weight capacities ranging from 5-30kg. With such a high payload there is almost an endless number of cameras that could be used depending on the level of cgustomizion required by the customer. Using high end components that they are manufacturing themselves ,Prodrone can offer the end user a highly reliable and well made quadcopter for a variety of applications.With a flying time of 30-40minutes and an altitude of 7000m Prodrome is certainly not aiming at the hobbyist. They are also putting safety first and will not just sell to anyone. Customers will also have to complete an instructional course before taking delivery of their drone. Many businesses and law enforcement agencies have already pre ordered Prodromes for various applications. For broadcasters the Prodrome can be customised to offer full HD live transmission capability.At Interbee they were showing footage taken from a variety of smaller cameras such as the Gopro and Sony A6000. I was very impressed with the stability and performance of the drone itself from the vision I saw. The prices are not for the faint of heart, ranging from close to $20,000US and rising depending on the level of customisation.