HD End of an Era: Last of the V8s

End of an Era: Last of the V8s

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What defines the relationship between man and machine? Whether a petrolhead or not, most would agree that a car becomes a chapter in their lives, and in doing so, takes on a personality. And for many people, the engine is the voice and soul of a car.END OF AN ERA explores the intricacies of a dying breed — the V8 engine. One of the most iconic engines in automotive history; the V8 defines the pinnacle of combustion motoring. Presented, directed and produced by Tom Long, a classic car enthusiast and filmmaker; this film navigates the contentious issue of electric vs. combustion engines and what the future of car manufacturing holds. As electric cars become an increasing reality and we move away from the combustion engine, will our relationship with cars change, and what will the future hold for petrol-heads?