Smart Fabrics Summit 2016 Part 2: Industry Demonstration — CrewTraffic

Smart Fabrics Summit 2016 Part 2: Industry Demonstration

Smart Fabrics Summit 2016 Part 2: Industry Demonstration

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Amit Kapoor, President and Co-Founder, First Line TechnologyFirst Line Technology designs and manufactures disaster preparedness and response equipment, including PhaseCore Cooling vests, which allow users to increase productivity and duration of use while reducing heat injuries by gently and safely cooling the body. First Line Technology’s President, Amit Kapoor, will demonstrate how these heat-activated personal cooling products can prevent and control heat stress for a variety of public safety and first responder officers in hot and humid environments.Panel: “The Federal Investment in Smart Fabrics from Transformational Research to Start-Up Accelerators”Moderator: Alan Davidson, Director of Digital Economy, U.S. Department of CommercePanelist: Stephen Luckowski, Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute, Department of DefensePanelist: Jesse Jur, Assistant Professor, ASSIST Center, North Carolina State College of TextilesPanelist: Daniel Cotter, Acting Director, First Responder Group, Department of Homeland SecurityAlan Davidson, the Commerce Secretary's Director of Digital Economy, will talk to senior federal leaders and researchers about how the significant federal investments made today will support the innovation that will be the foundation for the smart fabrics of the future. These investments include the establishment of the Revolutionary Fiber and Textiles Institute for Manufacturing Innovation and NextFlex, two new manufacturing institutes pioneering the development of cutting-edge fibers, textiles, and hybrid electronics. Stephen Luckowski, Program Manager for the RFT at the Defense Department, led the effort to establish this institute, and will describe its potential to support smart fabrics development. The National Science Foundation also funds critical smart fabrics research being performed by the ASSIST Center at the North Carolina State College of Textiles. Jess Jur, Assistant Professor at the N.C. State College of Textiles, will explain the unique role that this NSF research plays in partnering with private companies to develop new smart fabrics products. And, the Department of Homeland Security is taking an active role in supporting the development of connected protective apparel for the first responder of the future. Daniel Cotter, who oversees the Next Generation First Responder Apex Program at DHS, will describe the impact of this work.
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