Taiwan Excellence 2014 IDENT : WORLD LAB - Safety & Security — CrewTraffic

Taiwan Excellence 2014 IDENT : WORLD LAB - Safety & Security HD

Taiwan Excellence 2014 IDENT : WORLD LAB - Safety & Security
Behance — WORLD LAB — Design & Creativity — ''The World Lab'' Series shows the evolutionary process of industries through a visualization of elements unique to each specific industry. The laboratory concept symbolizes the power of Taiwan's research and innovation.Safety & SecurityThe visual design of this video draws upon ideas of surveillance, control and safety, which are standards that Taiwan’s security industry consistently achieves. The main character of the video, the robot of the future, well symbolizes the concept of intelligent security surveillance. The extensive appearance of lenses throughout the video as a visual element reinforces the concept of surveillance. The robot’s design is inspired by shell creatures to help create an image of safety and protection.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------''World Lab'' 系列形象影片 — 世界的實驗室為概念,實驗室代表台灣的創新及研發能力,實驗對象代表著不同領域的產業,在實驗室中不斷進化,將產業特性視覺化為視覺主體。安全控制篇結合監視、控制、安全等科技產業的元素做為視覺設計的基礎,以未來機器人呈現高科技分析監控的概念,大量運用鏡頭的元素代表監視的概念,機器人的造型設計以甲殼生物的外型為基礎,表達安全、防護的視覺概念設定。-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credit ClientTaiwan External Trade Development Council ( TAITRA )Director Sawoozer WangProduction:+AKITIPE STUDIOSCo-Director: Lance NiProducer: John OuConcept Artist: Camille Kuo / Neven Hsu / Sylvia Chen / Tom Yi Graphics Design: Niven mo / Walt WangCG Team Supervisor: Juin Chang / Ralph WaniekCG Artist: Juin Chang / Lance Ni / Neven Hsu / Tom Yi / Sylvia Chen / Andrew Augustyniak / Andy Zimirski /CG Assistant: Ric Hung / Jyouanmi ChenMusic & sound designZelig SoundRenderingFOX RenderfarmSpecial thanks13 Studio / Artery Vision / Evermotion
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