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2nd Engineer

2nd Engineer
Availability date:
3 000 USD
  • Russia
  • English
  • Russian
+7 (918) 420-12-00
Dear Sirs,
My name is Yury Khuaz.
I'm a second engineer.
I graduated from the Novorossiysk Marine Academy in 1996.
I studied at the Marine Engineering faculty.
I have been working on different types of ships. In the early years I worked mainly on
tankers and chemical tankers.
Then I worked on different bulk carriers. One contract I worked on the reefer. Also I
worked on the Ro-Ro vessel, Bunker tanker in recent years.
I have been working as Second Engineer for last 5 years.
But I can start working as a third engineer in your company.And then get a promotion
to the position of second engineer.
I speak English well and I brush up my English every day.
I have a very large vocabulary of English in my head and extensive experience in mixed
crews . Two times I even worked alone in a totally foreign crew.
I'm enclosing my application form.
I'm ready to start work at any time.
Sincerely yours,
Yury Khuaz
Second Engineer
+ 7 918 420 1200 (mobile)
Exact position 2nd engineer
Prefered type of vessel CARGO VESSELS
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